14 carp in 2 hours!

12 lbs Common Carp, Vale Farm Fishery

Peter McLeod from international fly fishing agency Aardvark McLeod recently came down with his son to fish with us. Although Peter had brought a 14ft float rod and caught a good number of roach in quick succession his attention was quickly distracted by some carp cruising on the surface, basking in the warm sunlight. He put ups 6 weight fly rod and began casting at them. Fairly shortly he landed a lovely 6 lbs common on a dry fly which his 6 year old son Thomas landed.  

A few days later he and his friend Iain Johnston (who had also been fishing with his 6 year old son Monty) returned for a couple of hours fishing after work, again fly fishing for carp on dry fly on the surface. The two of them managed to land 14 between them culminating in a belting 15 lbs mirror carp that took a long time to land. That was WAY too much fun and we suspect they might be addicted..

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