Vale Farm Fishery
The old Troutlake with some cruisers showing on the surface

The Old Trout lake, on the left has a good stock of doubles and less small fish. Doughnut, the middle one, is overstocked with everything and Beehive, on the right,has areas to tuck out of the weather. Carp are the main species and are plentiful ranging from around 1 lbs up to over 30 lbs. The

Lake 2, Vale Farm Fishery
Donut Lake showing the island

lakes also contain specimen tench, bream, roach, rudd and perch.

The lakes have many features and nearly all swims have a good margin feature to fish to.


Most methods seem to work but to use the features is a reel edge, keep bait going into the margins even if your not fishing on them at the time to try and build the swim, its worth noting there is an edge that runs around the lakes and the island to around 2 ft out which is only a couple of feet deep so this can be a real hot spot in the warmer months. In lake 2 the island is the obvious feature to fish to, fishing a feeder stuffed with pellet with a small pellet on the hook tight to the island or just out in open water scores well for most species, try changing the hook bait now and then to encourage more bites, corn, maggot, worm all work really well. If your after the Carp we would highly recommend fishing a solid PVA bag set up, tight with 4 mm Carp pellet with a 12 mm Carp pellet on the hair, this seems best fished just of the island at the bottom of the ledge, and works really well.

Size 12 barbless hooks are the largest we allow.

As with most fisheries float fishing works well, at the bottom of the ledge is a great place or around the overhanging trees. NO BOILIES ALLOWED.


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